Proof or Speculation of Sabo ?

Unfortunately, case closed.

Law is Not Sabo

Confirmation from their birthday which is different.

The Speculations are:

In Proof 01
You can see Law is having hat, It makes you remind with Sabo after Sabo showed up. He also has the same eye like Sabo did.

In Proof 02
You can see Law give his middle finger to Kidd. See the tattoo on his hand? It’s a symbol of World Government. It means he’s being marked as Nobles in the past. It means he’s already get captured by WG and marked.

In Proof 03
You can see Law has a bigger Jolly Roger in his shirt than his tattoos in both hand. The style of his shirt and pants has footprints of animal (sorry, I forgot what it should called), doesn’t it remind you that is a technique of army to adapt and disguise himself?

In Proof 04
Here Law saying Room for his DF ability. Don’t you know that CP9 was talking that they heard an issue of DF is determined by the character of the eater. Law was getting surrounded within flames and has no room for freedom while he still a child (as Sabo).

In Proof 05.
Law is holding his sword as the same as Sabo holding his Pipe in Proof 12. He said, “ Mister Strawhat is going to be an enemy of mine. But even a bond of enmity is still a bond”. Sabo, Ace, and Luffy made a promise bond of brothers with sharing drinks. They said that this bond will not be broken.

In Proof 06
Law is numb and Luffy’s straw hat fly over him. He catch the hat and shocked.

In Proof 07
Apoo is talking that Law is known for his merciless nature. It means he has an anger that never been settled.

In Proof 08.
Ivankov asking to Law if he’s a friend of Luffy. Law is get silent at first, then say No. It means he’s doubting his own memory.

In Proof 09
Law said that he has no obligation to save Luffy. But he’s asking if he’s allowed to come up with a reasonable explanation. It means that Law is holding himself for a pride of a man. And it’s categorized as an Ally, we know that Sabo saying that they must meet each other as an ally because Luffy, Ace, and Sabo are want to be a Captain for sure.

In Proof 10
Law is stunned again seeing the straw hat of Luffy. It means that Law is try to regain his own memory.

In Proof 11
Sabo is calculating how much he need to buy a ship. It means that he want a ship, since the money of him get robbed by Bluejam Pirates. Then he should be build his own ship since Sabo said that he would learn about how to sail. You’ll see the connection in Proof 14.

In Proof 12
He won over Luffy, and he’s the same level with Ace. It should be figured out if they both already a Supernova in the same level by the time Sabo and Luffy met in Shabondy.

In Proof 13
Sabo is feeling not needed in his family. It means he’s holding a seed of anger and need freedom that will determine his DF ability.

In Proof 14
He felt alone like what he told to Luffy. Don’t you realize that Law’s Room techinque is separating body of the enemy. It means he felt alone in his heart. And he also saying about learn how to sail that determine how he build his own ship.

In Proof 15
Sabo is ashamed being Noble like Dragon did and he’s whispering something to Dragon. Sabo telling what he wish, and Dragon carry that wish to change the world.

In Proof 16
Sabo don’t have the same hair color like Law did ! Stop this ridiculous argument ! Well, perhaps you’re trying to say that since the first time. Okay, my last speculation that Sabo is having an accident about his head that change his hair and memory.
My first speculation is that Sabo had an accident that must make himself get a surgeon, and his hair also memory changed because that operation. That’s why he study about surgeon and medical too so he can heal the others.
My second speculation is that Sabo ate DF than because of his own will to be different from Nobles, felt alone, and being stronger. That DF change his hair and give him Room ability.
My third speculation is that Sabo ate DF too like the second speculation. The differences is DF is not changing his hair. Sabo change his own hair color to disguise himself and released from the pursuit of nobles, tenryuubitos or World Government.

That’s all. What do you think?


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  1. Neilmerminc says:

    Stimulating read, althoug it can be argued both sides. A bit like talking love spells in the middle of a scientific paper.

    1. doeswin says:

      What do you mean about argued both sides?

    2. doeswin says:

      Damn. It’s a spam !

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