Ahoka Conversation

Luffy’s Stupid Conversation :

Ahoka 1 – Chapter 04
Luffy : I am Luffy. I will release you if you come and join me.
Zoro : Didn’t you listen to me at all? I told you that I have a dream to accomplish. I don’t want to become an outlaw like a pirate.
Luffy : That’s not the problem, right? Because people already call you a bad person anyway.
Zoro : I don’t care what others call me. Because I think I did the right thing and I will never feel sorry for doing what I did. Therefore, I will not become a pirate.
Luffy : I don’t care ! I have already decided that you will join me !
Zoro : Don’t say something selfish !!! (Ahoka)

Ahoka 2 – Chapter 012
Luffy : What kind of the freak are you? Why the hell are you wearing a teddy bear suit? It looks ugly on you.
Moji : That’s rude. This is my hair.
Luffy : That’s even uglier.

Ahoka 3 – Chapter 024
Usopp’s Underlings : Here we come. Usopp’s Pirates.
Nami : What is that?
Luffy : Eh? I don’t know.
Usopp’s Underlings : Captain is not here. Did they finish him off? Hey pirates. Where is our captain? Give him back to us.
Luffy : Phew. The meat is really great.
Usopp’s Underlings : Meat? Is it captain’s meat?
Zoro : If it’s about your captain…
Usopp’s Underlings : What did you do to him?
Zoro : We just…ate him.
Usopp’s Underlings : AAHH !!! EVIL !! (looking to Nami)

Ahoka 4 – Chapter 028
Usopp : They will come to this coast. Because it leads directly to the village. This path is the only way. It is surrounded by Cliff faces. It’s easy to say.
Luffy : Really? That easy?
Usopp : But the truth is not. What are your skills?
Zoro : Cutting
Luffy : Stretching.
Nami : Stealing.
Usopp : My skill is hiding.
Luffy, Zoro and Nami : YOU HAVE TO FIGHT TO !!!


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