Proof or Speculation of Define One Piece

Take a guess.
1. There are people that hold The Will of D
2. A nation destroyed by alliances
3. Those alliances become World Government
4. Rio Poneglyph written to give the history of the scene
5. Rio Poneglyph make to be understand by The Will of D. only
6. Rio Poneglyph divided into Guidance Poneglyph and True Poneglyph
7. True Poneglyph only one
8. Guidance Poneglyph is scattered for The Will of D
9. Roger follow the guidance
10. Roger reach Raftel Island
11. Roger not captured but surrendered himself to marine (Monkey D. Garp)
12. Roger executed in Logue Town
13. Logue Town is The Beginning of The End, entrance of Grand Line
14. Roger said he had hidden his treasure in Grand Line.
15. Roger is the King of Pirates and there are Yonkou
16. Whitebeard is Yonkou and almost become King of Pirates
17. Whitebeard dies and said One Piece is out there

So take a guess. If you know real ocean, then you should realize a BIG HISTORY. Says who Oda don’t give the hint ? It’s just scattered like Guidance Poneglyph. It’s just Oda don’t share the True Poneglyph.

Notes : Feel free to comment if you don’t get it. But if you certain that One Piece is as what you thought, please mail me and don’t comment. Respect Oda. ^^v

Monkey D. Luffy : “Is that what you think of me?”


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