Political Mass


According to Mosca Goetano there is a group of people who govern and the governed.

  1. Those who rule, the political elite
  2. The governed, community or the people (the masses)

Mass group, guided and supervised by the first either legally or not, with or without theguidance of law and violence.

Political elite as part of the government should have a harmonious and dynamicrelationship with the masses, because the realization of a harmonious relationship andthe dynamic communication between the political elite with the audience (the people) canrun smoothly so that the policy to be issued by the political elite will not be detrimental to the public (the people).

Mosca further on the dynamic relationship between elites and masses. According to the elites seek not only to raise himself above other members of society, but also in maintaining the status of the masses below, through the sub-elite.

Mass in relation to the Group anomic interest groups. Often referred to as the party whovoiced their opinions on politics or the situation in a country. Massa could have a partythat supports the (Pro) or the party against (cons) of a decision / certain things.

At age 5 July 1959 -11 March 1966, Indonesia is also divided into two masses in theevent of a conflict the West Block and East Block. Mass in Indonesia are likely to supportanti-Western and Eastern Bloc, while very few supporters of the West Block.

In the development of Indonesia is politically decided to create a new movement, namelythe Non-Aligned Movement. A motion filed with the other countries not to take sides or the Eastern Bloc Western Bloc.


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