Is it 3 New Nakama?

What the hell are you talking about?
Calm down…

Who’s the candidate? What else you want to talk beside that stupid “Sabo is alive” Theory?
Oh yeah, Oda break my theory just by one page, Chapter Cover of Sabo running with Ace and Luffy.

But if you want to have more feast, then…

have a sit, take your drinks, and set sail!

The Candidates are:
1. Jinbe
2. Shirahoshi
3. Carribou

Okay, we’ve been thorough talks about Boa Hancock, Jinbe, Margaret, and Perona. Some of us bet on stupid things.
Some of us talk about great theory about Boa Hancock definitely join. But, Whoilaaa, Hancock, Margaret or Perona stay on their habitat. So, goodbye ladies!

Simple Theory
The Strawhat Pirates are unique, that’s the most simple ingredient and the hardest clue from Oda at the same time.
We see no unique on Hancock, no *something* on her. Each of The Strawhat has this, but Hancock has none.

Self-Proof Theory
1. You can see Jinbe has *something* in his face.
2. You know Jinbe has title “Knight of the Sea”.
3. He has bounty. 230 Millions or More??
4. He was Head Boss of Arlong Pirates, which means he WAS AN ENEMY.
5. Jinbe has problems, he was supposed to share it with Luffy in the middle of journey to Marinford from Impel Down, at Ship.
6. Jinbe is a fishman!
7. Jinbe has a dream. To unite fishman, Mermaid, and Humans. Dreaming the suns
8. He had unique fighting style, WITH SEA WATER and KARATE!
9. He had sandal (nah, just unreliable statement for this)
10. He’s so damn serious. It’ll make Duo Serious: Robin and Jinbe. Well, it’s supposed to be three. Who else?
11. What he supposed to be in ship? First Division Captain of Sun Pirates…..Okay you may start laughing now :)). He’ll be at Left Guardian Ship of Main Ship.
12. What his skill?I don’t know…but I predict he should be a Trader, considering the rest of theory already fulfilled the important seat.

1. Shirahoshi has NOTHING in his body(No adult section please ^^). At least I can’t see it. I hope I was wrong for her too.
2. Shirahoshi has title “Weakling/Crybaby” from Luffy.
3. She has bounty! If he would catched by Carribou. 70 Millions times 7. At least 490 Millions.
4. She is a she! I mean she’s a woman, just like Oda said.
5. Shirahoshi has problems. To set herself free.
6. She’s a Mermaid! And she’s a huge one!
7. Shirahoshi has a dream. To walk around the world. *wait a minute*, This is bottomless statement :))
8. She can fight too! Call Sea King and she win.
9. She’s so damn weakling. But she able to call Sea King, that’s why Usopp still be a loser just like Oda wanted. She can be Trio Beauties.
10. What she should play role in? As an Advanced Sea Navigation. It means she carry Thousand Sunny just like Mohmoo with Carribou’s ship.
11. What his skill?I don’t know….sorry…Okay you may start doubt on this =)). Beside her name start with S. Sanji take this part

1. Carribou has NOTHING in his body. Yeah you know, I don’t see it. Or his X mark in his cloth?
2. Carribou has title “Wet Hair/Marine Killer”.
3. He has bounty! 210 Millions.
4. He…I don’t know about this. Oda don’t give a hint about this.
5. Carribou has problems. Oh yeaaaah? Don’t know it yet maybe? …..Okay, stop laughing T.T
6. Carribou is a logia Devil Fruit Users. This is Numa Numa Fruit. He claim that he don’t kill the mermaid he was captured, just put to sleep. It means he can bring Shirahoshi in his swamp. Anyway. The Strawhat Pirates can put ANYTHING in his swamp. He may called as “Crazy Pocket” by Sanji.
7. Carribou had a dream. Maybe to spread his faith into other people.
8. Carribou can fight. Imagine harden swamp bullet! At least think why he got 210 Millions bounty?
9. He’s so damn freaky yet he’s a Believer. I think he’ll make a perfect Trio Debate with Zoro and Sanji.
10. And he’s supposed to beeee? He’s a 2nd Pirate Division of Carribou Brother Pirates. Right Guardian ship
11. What his skill? As a missionary of his stupid faith. He’ll called as “Killer Priest” by Zoro.

Post Theory
One thing for sure. Any of this theory surely would break if Oda change his plot or this theory has never set in his mind at all. Any of them is interesting, but I’ll bet surely on Jinbe.

“You may not believe this, but you may laugh on this.” Doeswin


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