Straw Hat Pirates vs Blackbeard Pirates Theory

These both pirates are destined to be meet.
We all know it and predict it. Even in the very start of Blackbeard Pirates appearance in Mock Town. We know it for sure, “damn, these guys surely would be the ultimate villain party for Straw Hat”

So you will hear what I want to say.
Welcome to my 3rd Theory !
In simple way, it’ll be like this.

The Straw Hat Pirates vs The Blackbeard Pirates
Monkey D. Luffy vs Marshall D. Teach
Roronoa Zoro vs Shiliew
Nami vs Laffitte
Usopp vs Van Auger
Sanji vs Vasco Shot
Chopper vs Doc Q
Nico Robin vs Catarina Devon
Franky vs Stronger
Humming Brook vs Avalo Pizarro
Jinbe vs Jesuss Burgess
Shirahoshi vs Sanjuan Wolf
Nevertari Vivi/Carribou(Logia would be?) vs Logia User

Okay. I am 100% for Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji (NOT), and Chopper. It’s simple anyway for the answer. But for the rest like Sanji, Nico Robin until the last Nakama, I’ll depend on Oda’s decision. I think most likely it’ll happen like battling with CP9, so random for these uncertain theory.

Anyway, you can comment but don’t expect me for giving explanation. I’ll just give you clue for you to find.

1st Theory. 1st
2nd Theory. 2nd
3rd Theory. 3rd
4th Theory. Here


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