Confirmed stuff in One Piece

1.Sabo as a crew,no.

2.Sabo is considered to be dead for now WITHOUT dead body,yes.

3.A person injured brought to Dragon’s ship is DEFINETELY Sabo,no.

4.A nice theory with evidence,yes.

5.Wikia is not a full clean and reliable source,yes.

6.Cover story is NOT a filler and it’s other short story,yes.

7.Chapter Cover that has no continuing story is unrelated to storyline,yes.

8.OP 10th movie Strong World and Chapter 0 are canon,related to storyline, yes

9.The Straw Hat Pirates main crew are 10 at minimum,yes.

10.Whitebeard and Ace died,yes. romance means no dating,yes.

12.SBS OP is related to the story IF and ONLY IF you could separate jokes and serious words by Oda,yes.

13.Aokiji was promoted by Sengoku for admiral while Kizaru and Akainu are maybe the new
admiral now too,yes.

14.Big incident happened in time skip at marine,yes.

16.Enel will be back,yes


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