Question about Joyboy, Poseidon, and Pluton

Fact from Chapter 649
1. Joyboy from surface, lived in Void Century, 800 Years ago.
2. Fishman Island Poneglyph is an apology letter for mermaid princess at that time.
3. An apology for breaking his side of promise with fishman island.
4. Someday someone is supposed to come and carry out the promise for Joyboy.
5. Fisman Royal Family promise to Joyboy until now to keep watching over Noah
6. Great Ark Noah’s Mission be known later.
7. Joyboy tried to use Noah
8. Sea King brought the Noah with chain attached on Noah.
9. Shirahoshi revealed as Ancient Weapon Poseidon
It means Joyboy write an apology letter in Poneglyph’s word in Poneglyph to Mermaid Princess at that time.
Because Joyboy can’t fulfill his promise to protect Ancient Weapon Poseidon and Joyboy is endangered (what else, of course endangered).

Sea King said Noah to be dragged by them, it means Sea King was supposed to follow Poseidon’s command by Joyboy’s willpower.
(connecting with a promise man to guide mermaid).
Unfortunately Joyboy can’t fulfill to protect Poseidon at that time.
Poseidon is a mermaid princess so it looks like fishman ask Joyboy to protect her.
And it looks like Poseidon was supposed travel with Joyboy to “SOMEWHERE” and Noah.
Since Joyboy had “REASON” to leave Poseidon at that time. Joyboy write an apology letter in Poneglyph’s word.
Joyboy ask Royal Family of Fishman Island to kept eye Noah with that apology letter and contain for Poseidon too.

Neptune said that “someday someone is supposed to come and carry out the promise for Joyboy”
Joyboy SOMEHOW know that SOMEONE would inherited to travel with NOAH and POSEIDON to SOMEWHERE.

It means POSEIDON had reborn/reincarnate within SHIRAHOSHI.
And that SOMEONE who travel with NOAH and POSEIDON is MONKEY D. LUFFY.
Sea King said that Noah need to be repaired.
It means Luffy and Shirahoshi STILL need to go at that place, SOMEWHERE.
Roger can hear the Sea King, but he had done nothing with SHIRAHOSHI, because he’s still a baby or maybe not born yet, at least not ready yet.
We know Roger died and laugh that encourage pirates to reach One Piece.

The questions are:
1. Where Luffy and Shirahoshi need to go, where is that place “SOMEWHERE”?
2. Does “SOMEWHERE” means RAFTEL?
3. If “SOMEWHERE” means RAFTEL, does it mean Roger can’t fulfill the task there, even he had reach One Piece?
4. Does Roger realize that he’s not One Piece meant for?
5. Does it means that’s why Roger’s crew had done NOTHING or had none interest with One Piece?
6. Pluton said to be a warship. Does it means PLUTON is NOAH?
7. Does it means Luffy and Shirahoshi are the person for One Piece?
8. Does it means Luffy aka “NEW Joyboy” and Shirahoshi aka Poseidon need to reach One Piece by PLUTON aka NOAH?
‎8. Does it mean Blueprint of Pluton that hand over and inherited by Tom meant to FIX NOAH?
9. Does it gonna fixed by Den?
10. Does it will be helped by Franky at Fishman Island now or later after Luffy reach One Piece?
11. Does it means Jinbe and Shirahoshi would join and go to reach One Piece?


Notes: Inspired from Chapter 1 – 649, anything can be twisted after Oda reveal!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    they made a promise at the end to take her to the surface. im thinking a threat will befall fishman island again. and all the fishmen and princess will escape to the surface using noah. pulled by the sea kings who luffy will be able to fully understand by then and shirahoshi will be able to fully control.

  2. doeswin says:

    That’s conclusive story 🙂

  3. elvis leka says:

    I dont think Shirahoshi will join them she needs to stay at the fishman island and she is huge and luffy did not invite her, about jimbei i think he will eventually join them but i think it will happen like this ” while doing the things he had to do he will be captured by the marine and sent to the g5 then luffy will go to save he like he did with all the other crew m8 .

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