Trafalgar Law, His Power and Weakness

Room. An Operation Room. Left/Right Hand.

Looks like Law only able to have one room. weakness spotted ^^v

Cut. Separate items. One Hand Sword.

Just remove his sword. 2nd weakness

Tact. Lift items. Index finger.

Rope his finger and done. 3rd weakness

Shambles. Change items, including himself. Thumb+Index+Middle.
Japanese sign language - SHI: a JSL 7 hand: th...

 Same as 3rd weakness

Scan. Steal items. Two Hand Sword+Left Hand.

Don’t bring anything precious :p

Mes. Freeze items. Thumb+Index+Middle+Ring.

This is quite scary one. If we rope his finger. and somehow he pull his little finger. We’re done!

Camheer. Pulling an Enemy. Middle Finger. I won’t give you any link, damn it! it’s a joke!

Hand sign. will we see this in the next chapter? (current is 662)

Japanese sign language – U: an ASL u or v hand: a fist with an extended index and middle finger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
242/365: Surya Ravi Mudra
242/365: Surya Ravi Mudra (Photo credit: johnwilliamsphd)

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