Punk Hazard Saga Theory

As written by Kuarkuar loncadrunbuttonin one of Indonesian forum that keep discussing

One Piece intensively, with their theory loncadrunbutton.

Before Chapter 696 released, I’m convinced that Big Mam that have been supplied with SAD, not Kaidou.
Kaidou previously seen as cyborg, that’s why. But since Kaidou called as 100 beast, I’m having doubt.

After deeply thinking, Does Oda just trolling on us? there is a lot of fact supporting that Big Mam were

being supplied with SAD. Have you ever read adventure fantasy novel of Alice?

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I’m pretty sure this saga has some correlation with this novel of lewis caroll.

The similarity are

  • Big Mam is look a like with the Queen of Hearts,
    She is very easy to anger, quick to decide to execute someone
    Enormous fondness for sweets
    army of Queen of Hearts filled with animals
    Big Mom also loved the tea party, are prominently also in ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’
  • Alice in wonderland world synonymous with underworld
    In the book, Wonderland can be entered through a rabbit hole and seems like a strange underworld.
  • How to become a giant book of it is to eat cake.
    On the big island Mam, there is a huge cake shaped islands, may be Bigmam become bigger because of the cake.
  • Law can be compared with the Knave of Hearts (Law pirate hearts right?), Which was then betrayed by stealing the queen’s tarts
  • These people
  1. Doflamingo. Queen of Hearts play cricket by using flamingo as the bat.
  2. Buffalo look a like with Cheshire cat that always smirking with floating ability.
  3. Bobin look a like with Tweedledum or Tweedledee.
  4. Pekoms look a like with Mock Turtle, that previously seen with Gryphon (he also look like a lion).
  5. Tamago. Alice met with Humpty Dumpty in a book ‘Through the Looking-Glass’.

  • Because chances are most likely only 2 Yonkou supplied SAD, Big Mam with Kaidou.
    Then because of the introduction of the character and the story development of FI arc, it seems that the last boss saga directed by Oda is Big Mam
  • while Kaidou theme I expected was a cyborg, vanished immediately after Law say the nickname of Kaidou is 100 beast.

And I’m pretty sure that Oda is trolling us with what Law have said “He’s called 100 beasts


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