TBM for Deep Tunnel

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A Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) also known as the “mole”, a machine used to excavate tunnels / tunnels. TBM can be dug up various types of hard rock. Diameter from 1 m to 19:25 m (the largest currently).

Largest diameter of the TBM ever built is 19:25 meters. Created by Herrenknecht AG for the project in St.Petersburg Russia tunel Orlovski workmanship with material objects such as soil and sand mixture. Diameter TBM for rock drill is 14.4 meters, manufactured by The Robbins Company for Tunel Niagara Falls project.

Picture diagram of the system of tunnel boring machine working

Selling Price TBM. Herrenknecht TBM machine brands diameter of 1.5 meters (condition used), worth $ 1 million dollars.

Some examples of the use of TBM machines for engineering work in various places in the world:

1. London Underground, UK
City of London is very popular with the London Underground, the subway network in the form of an underground tunnel used for mass transportation facilities such as fast trains underground. The existence of the London Underground can reduce traffic congestion and suppress traffic in the city of London.

London Underground

2. Shanghai, China
Began in May 2008, to operate two machines 15:43 meter diameter TBM which is the largest tunnel boring machine in the world. 2 machine is operating under the Yangtze River in Shanghai. After 20 months, the end of construction along the 7.5 kilometer tunnel in Shangai is resolved.

Opening TBM operation in Shanghai:

3. Mount Hallandsås, Sweden
The route through the mountains Hallandsas in northern Sweden is one of the most difficult tunneling projects in the world. Two 5.6 km long canal to be built through the rigors of mountain rock Hallandsas. Harrenknecht creates a tunnel boring machine diameter of 10.5 meters to work on the manufacturing process in northern Sweden.

Sightings one corner of the tunnel in the mountain Hallandsas:

4. Elbe Tunnel, Hamburg, Germany
For transport and delivery in Germany, Hamburg is the path to the world and the Elbe is access to the North Sea. Elbe tunnel using TBM types mixshield with size 14.2 feet, one of the largest in the world.

The atmosphere in the Elbe Tunnel in Sweden:

5. Tunnel in Kuala Lumpur and Pahang-Selangor, Malaysia
In Malaysia, the use of TBMs are used to working several civic projects, one both in Kuala Lumpur and Pahang-Selangor. In Kuala Lumpur TBM tunnel used for the manufacture of water pipes and lines digunnakan transportasi.TBM also to make the connecting tunnel between the Selangor and Pahang area.

Sightings process in Pahang-Selangor tunnel:

6. Orlovski Tunnel, St.Petersburg, Rusia.

Greatest diameter Herrenknecht TBM solved by working on tunnel Orlovski in St.Petersburg Russia. The diameter of the TBM is 19:25 meters long, the equivalent of high-rise buildings in general.

Tunnel Orlovski can consist of several layers:

Lastly : hopefully we, Indonesian would have this kind of machine. For the benefit of a lot of people. My only question is “HOW THE HELL THIS DAMN THING ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ARRIVE FROM OTHER CONTINENT? DISMANTLING IT?”

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