Large Scale Microfinance Vision



This is not a vision from international conference, it’s come out from a little stranger from Indonesia.


  1.      Experts gather and define microfinance microfinance. A vision without execution is a daydream, An execution without vision is a nightmare
  2.      Categorize Legal Status of microfinance.
  3.      Running the international poverty indicators as proposed Grameen.
  4.      Providing microfinance restructuring proposal with the obligation to state the application of technology.


  1.      Following the international conference as a representative of the State.
  2.      Making law on microfinance appropriate international conferences.
  3.      Creating a standardized financial statements in accordance with the decision.
  4.      Requiring MFIs to have a phone and email tech / network.
  5.      Requiring MFIs to have a low interest rate below 10% and 0% for the consumer to be productive.


  1.      Instruct MFI for MFIs to report to the center.
  2.      Collecting data in a structured manner to the Director of MFI is understood about the data is 100%.
  3.      Authorizes the MFI




  1. Ahli microfinance berkumpul dan mendefinisikan microfinance. A vision without execution is a daydream, An execution without vision is a nightmare
  2. Mengkategorikan Legal Status dari microfinance.
  3. Menjalankan indicator kemiskinan secara international seperti yang diajukan Grameen.
  4. Memberikan proposal penstrukturan microfinance ke negara dengan kewajiban penerapan teknologi.


  1. Mengikuti konferensi international sebagai perwakilan Negara.
  2. Membuat hukum tentang microfinance sesuai konferensi international.
  3. Membuat laporan keuangan yang terstandarisasi sesuai keputusan bersama.
  4. Mewajibkan MFI untuk memiliki teknologi telepon dan email/network.
  5. Mewajibkan MFI untuk memiliki bunga rendah dibawah 10% untuk konsumtif dan 0% untuk produktif.


  1. Menginstruksikan MFI untuk wajib lapor kepada pusat MFI.
  2. Melakukan pendataan secara terstruktur kepada Direktur MFI yang mengerti tentang data tersebut 100%.
  3. Memberikan wewenang kepada MFI



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  • Indonesian Most Famous Microfinance Institutions loncadrunbutton

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