Some Mistakes by Oda

Here are just a few things that I found, some mistakes by Oda. Well, people do make mistakes.

I’m not trying to complaint, just pointing that out. I hope you guys get what I’m talking about.



Volume 09


(Chapter 072-081)

1st Question

Nami was being told that if she collect I Billion Beli( Beli) then she will be able to buy the village. Yet she told around 100 million Beli (aaa…there is a miswriting here…hey Oda -.-!), so which one is right? -.-!.

2nd Question

(I don’t realize when was it becoming longer? What? You know Usopp’s nose is getting longer. The things I know if he was in between front-face and side-face, he was made having only normal nose. Oh no! Even Front-face is already that long)

(Okay, I found out ! it was in-between from sharp-nose and oval-nose when Usopp is defeat Jango with Death Marble Shot. Yes ! Usopp defeat Jango with Death Marble Shot. Sounds great? Isn’t it ? okay…back to topic…I found out it was the time Oda being confused about how long Usopp’s nose should be ^^)

Volume 36

9th Justice

(Chapter 337-346)

3rd Question

Luffy get out from stuck in between building and search for Robin. Iceberg is holding the blueprints of ancient weapon, Pluton.

Paulli cover with blood while holding blueprints of Pluton which actually a fake.

Luffy’s head coming out from wall at President Room where Paulli is shot (Oda made a mistake here, there are no pieces of wall after Luffy break the wall, what a mistake).

(After Skeleton Head Mask Guy kicks there still no pieces of wall)

Volume 37


(Chapter 347-357)

CP9 goes from front door of Franky’s Secret Base and beat down Kiwi and Mozu. Blueno choke by Franky and try to make a move, but Luchi oddly stop it by kicking Franky away. Luchi push Franky away to wall behind him and crash it. There is dirty room that looks like a perfect place to hide Pluton Blueprint. Luchi open the trump card and telling that they know Franky is commit a crime 12 years ago just like Tom.

<< Water Seven 22 years ago (This is the age after Gold D. Roger died. Said by Kokoro in Chapter 353) (wait, Luchi said 12 years…why the scene is saying 22 years?). Franky 12 years old run away from sea monsters with his Battle 8 Franky. He helped by Iceburg 16 years old.

Volume 52

Roger and Rayleigh

(Chapter 503-512)

The Strawhat Pirates do not care about Admiral and save Camie and Hachi by force ! Usopp jump to the rooftop and hit Roswald. Law told Luffy that marines are already outside of Auction House since the auction started. Sharlia was about to kill Camie but Rayleigh made her collapse by (I assume with Haki). Then Rayleigh knows the situation and made collapse the other weaklings with Haki. Capone and Drake are plan to leaving the island while Apoo and Hawkins want to watch the situation. Sengoku being told that communication with the Garrison or Public Employment Office has been cut, Kizaru is saying to Sengoku, and Kizaru (It seems there is a mistake because in Chapter 504 a marine saying he’ll go to Sengoku and Kizaru. Because it doesn’t look like Aokiji so it should be Akainu. But in the next page the marines saying in Auction House that Kizaru will come. Then in the Chapter 507 it is proofed that Kizaru is the one coming. So is it the other guy at Marine HQ is Akainu? -.-!) to put ease because he will go there. Mister Disco is reporting Doflamingo about the situation.

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