9 Things Not To Do After Eating

Drinking after eating, it’s definitely nice. But nine of the following, you should not do after eating.

Warning: This Area Contains Tobacco Smoke
Warning: This Area Contains Tobacco Smoke (Photo credit: tbone_sandwich)

Smoking alone is damaging to the body, especially if done after eating. According to research, smoking one cigarette after eat, same as smoking ten rods, so the possibility cancer is much greater.

Eating Fruit
Eating fruits immediately after meals should be avoided, as it makes stomach filled with air, aka bloating. Instead, consume fruits 1-2 hours after eating or one hour before a meal. This will make your stomach full, and can not eat too much. Do it before you eat meal.

Tea leaves have a high acid content. This leads to protein content in food is difficult to digest. In addition, drinking tea
after eating can cause the body’s absorption barriers up to 80 percent. In fact, iron is needed to growth in the quality of the human body. Replace it with warm water.

Loosen belt
Loosen the belt can cause bowel twisted and blocked.
Bathing was done after a meal will increase blood flow to the hands, feet and body that causes the amount of blood around the stomach will continue to diminish. This will weaken the digestive system in in the stomach.
A long walk
will cause the digestive system is unable to absorb nutrients from food that you have eaten.
Direct Sleep
Do not follow your sleepiness. Sleep after eating food does not make can be digested properly. Consequently, intestinal bloating and inflammation.

Drinking cold water
The cold water will solidify the oily stuff, especially fatty foods, which you eat. Fat will be formed in the intestine and will
resulting in narrowing of the gastrointestinal tract-so cause obesity. Replace it with warm water.

This habit does not affect your health, anyway. but it’s impolite 🙂

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