Written by : Yuri (ichuy@rocketmail.com)

Purity, giving something without purpose, is it still exist?

Today. We all afraid of wound, afraid to get hurt…

We all afraid to give…

Fear we’ll be rewarded with something bad…

Despite the fact that our little hearts are eager to give

We can do that easily, but we can’t

We all afraid. always…

While there’s so many child starving out there in the street

We’re enjoying our delicious steak

While somebody is going to get robbed on train

We’re just sitting to ignore


While we see someone need a ride

We said we don’t take hitchhiker

“Don’t try to be a hero! or you’ll be just a zero!”

This article is inspired by Jakarta’s Flood 2013

On earth there are living more than 6 billion people at the moment. It is not countable how many people still are active hitchhikers on earth. Maybe it is 100, maybe it is an amount of about 2000 hitchhikers. Who knows, who cares, why should I be interested in it? You should be interested because it is for your safety.

English: multiple layered stencil from street ...
English: multiple layered stencil from street artist Above. This image is of a hitchhiker with sign next to a busy intersection in Berlin, Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was child I still remembered that my dad always let hitchhiker into the car. But now, we’re just too afraid to take hitchhiker, do you ever feel that?  That’s because there’s some crime story about “fake” hitchhiker who rob/attack the car owner.

A few days ago, it was rainy day and there’s some flood in the area. There’s a woman wearing hijab walk in the rain looks bedraggled seems like she need a ride. I wanna give her a ride but finally I decide to ignore.

Here’s an article about Picking up Hitchhikers although maybe some point in this article is not relevant with the case above.


We have tried to collect tips/advice/informations (this tips originally taken from here loncadrunbutton  ) and useful stuff for situations like that. We don’t want to scare you.  We want to make you strong and give you the power to react in bad situations. So please take the time to read this carefully and let us know if you have more tips or ideas.

When considering picking up hitchhikers, keep in mind first and foremost, you are not obligated to let someone into your car just because you pulled over. That being said, try to be welcoming, but at the same time alert and cautious. Just

English: A hitchhiker in Luxembourg on 18 or 1...
English: A hitchhiker in Luxembourg on 18 or 19 Aug 1977 (then 18 years old). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

because someone looks bedraggled, unshaven and questionably clean, doesn’t mean they are dangerous or shady. You have to consider that this person has very likely been on the road for days on end, probably without a proper place to sleep, and maybe without a proper meal. Of course, it’s also not uncommon to find properly showered and shaved hitchhikers wearing a suit and a tie.

A good starting point for your judgment is often their luggage. You should take a good look at the person’s belongings as you slow down and pull over. Do they have a well worn rucksack and are their hands full with a map and a book while they frantically try to grab everything and rush toward your car? An honest traveler will probably have similar paraphernalia. Still, many hitchhikers hitchhike for short day trips on well-known territory and sometimes don’t carry any luggage at all.

Traffic light

Sometimes you encounter hitchhikers at traffic lights. If the traffic light is followed by a convenient place to stop it’s best to go there. Otherwise you have to trust on your instinct.

Motorway on-ramp, bus stops

Bus stops are convenient places to stop. Motorway on-ramps can be more tricky, but are similar.

Petrol station

Many hitchhikers prefer to ask drivers for rides at petrol stations. This gives both hitchhikers as well as drivers more time to think, chat, and develop a rapport with which they can trust in one another. It’s great when it happens, but hitchhikers don’t need to go to their final destination with just one ride. Usually a hitchhike trip takes many consecutive rides. To avoid missing out on cars that go shorter distances people often put two or even more destinations on their sign.


Ideally, the seat or seats for the hitchhiker(s) will be empty of stuff. Take time to organize your car. When you drop the hitchhiker quickly assure that they took all their own stuff and left all your stuff. Also, if you lost something, remember it might not be malicious. Sometimes, something could have fallen out of the car, or a hitchhiker could’ve mistakenly took something that was not their property. In these cases, exchanging contact info during the ride could be a useful way to ensure whatever is lost gets returned to its place.

Exchange contact information

If you have a business card, it could be nice to give one to the hitchhiker. You never know what you can get out of it in the future. Also some hitchhikers have blogs and an extra link to your website can be good for your search engine rankings. And then it can also be nice to just know someone in another country. If you don’t have a business card, write down your email address, phone number and/or Facebook name.

Some hitchhikers also maintain travel logs on blogs or websites and their stories are typically full of interesting, even

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (film)
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

enlightening things. If you had a particularly enjoyable conversation with the hitchhiker(s), it could be nice to ask if they write about or otherwise share their traveling experiences. Many hitchhikers who do this are eager to share their contact info with you.

Not all hitchhikers are awesome. It can happen that you picked someone up and then you feel stuck with them. For example, in Australia rides can be very long and people can turn out to be weirder than you expected. It can also simply be that you need your private space, e.g. for making phone calls.

How to get rid of your hitchhiker? Several options?

  1. Tell the outright truth. “I feel that I can not take you any further. I need my private space. I know you will understand.”
  2. Or a little white lie: “I need to call my boss and talk about sensitive subjects. You know, professional secret”.

Generally, though, hitchhikers prefer the truth and can handle it. The same goes for hitchhikers who chat you up at a service station. Most of them have had so many talks of this kind that they can smell a lie from miles away. Sometimes a lie is more insulting than anything else!

In case you want to leave a hitchhiker, it’s generous to leave them at a spot that will allow them to continue their journey easily, such as a gas station on the highway or an highway on-ramp that is getting some traffic. That way, they’ll be much less upset than if you leave them at a terrible spot (e.g. side of the highway).

What to do in the worst case?

If the attacker is stronger than you, maybe it is not a good idea to start fight back the hitchhiker physically because you will get back harder hits. When you want to hit somebody think about where you want to make a hit beforehand. Where to hit a man should be clear. Of course there are some other places like pushing your fingers into the eyes of the other person or trying to bite in ears or nose.

To feel safer you can also take a pepper spray with you that you can use. You can also use a lighter and a deodorant or just pure deodorant. In any way you should know that your enemy could also use your stuff against you.

So, give a ride or ignore ?! You choose…

*In my opinion, you shouldn’t take strangers into your car if you’re not really sure… (This is still complicated while we still wanna help them)


  • Toucher & Rich: Hitchhiker Saves The Day With Hatchet (boston.cbslocal.com) loncadrunbutton
  • Report: Hitchhiker shoots man who picked him up (fox16.com) loncadrunbutton
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