Guide for Androidman


Androidman is a term for person that use android and explore the usage to the maximum. -Winardi Wardhana-

  • Do it With Your Own Risk (DWYOR). A word for newbie that feels to do rooting on his/her android handheld. One need to understand that they have risk to lose guarantee on their rooting action.  b
  • Explore and find more information. Before you act to do something danger for your handheld, please find a good explanation with google on random site.
  • Use Google Play Store to download Applications for android. It has no additional advertising when you only need to download. a
  • High quality handheld could install more than 600+ applications. WOW! I bet they use only 20 apps at maximum.

This is a list of 23 applications that you MUST HAVE to install.

  1. Download SUPERUSER apps. HERE loncadrunbutton Warning for the apps, here loncadrunbutton
  2. Download GOOGLE CHROME web browser apps. HERE loncadrunbutton or OPERA web browser if your handheld is incompatible with it. HERE loncadrunbutton
  3. Download APP LOCK. It will lock your handheld applications with number password or pattern password.
  4. Download LINK2SD. Find it in Google Play Store on your own. It is the apps that will install your application to SD card
    English: SD card, miniSD card, microSD card; a...
    English: SD card, miniSD card, microSD card; a more realistic version than the previous. Français : Carte SD, miniSD et microSD, selon des couleurs plus réalistes que dans la version précédente. Português: Cartões SD, miniSD e microSD; uma versão mais realística que a anterior. Українська: Портативні флеш-карти пам’яті. Види: SD-карта, miniSD-карта, microSD-карта (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    and listed in User applications. You could fool your handheld by making link in System application that will guide handheld to SD card. Make sure that you backup anything in SD card, because once it’s gone, you can’t do anything.

  5. Download TITANIUM BACKUP. It will backup your SD card.
  6. Download ROOT BROWSER. It will allow you to browse your handheld system. From its very deep system, mostly symbolized with “/”.
  7. Download GO LAUNCHER EX. It will change your launcher (like WINDOWS on computer, an OS) into a beautiful launcher. There are NEXT LAUNCHER or other launcher.
  8. Download GO POWER MASTER. It will allow you costumize the usage of handheld and lowering consumption of battery. It has limited offering, you need to download GETJAR REWARD. c
  9. GETJAR REWARD. An application that will bring you to download listed apps and get some gold. Gold is a number that will acknowledge how much you already fulfill Google Team request.
  10. AVG ANTIVIRUS. It will guide you how danger is your handheld.
  11. GOOGLE DRIVE. You may access your data in Google.
  12. AIRDROID. This is an optional. If you need to work(computer/tablet/PC) and manage your handheld at the same time.
  13. OPENSIGNAL. They will give you an information of nearest WI-FI that is free or not.
  14. WORDPRESS. It will make things easier for blogger to post. I post this with my laptop since my handheld is too small and I’m used to do ten fingers typewriting, faster and easier for me.
  15. GMAIL. This is already installed when you bought your handheld but some of handheld maybe don’t use it. Download this or your own email system like yahoo, live, or anything. These email system will alert you once you have new email, just like a normal notification of SMS.
  16. AUTO CALL RECORDER. An application that will automatically record any incoming or outgoing calls. You could disable it if you are annoyed, and you could delete the recording too. It is necessary to catch swindler 🙂 or your annoying relatives.
  17. FASTER INTERNET 2X. It will boost your networking speed. Any networking speed booster are good.
  18. GO NOTIFICATION. When you download GO LAUNCHER EX apps, sometime after download random apps you won’t get notification for incoming message or any kind of normal notifications. This apps will make Launcher better.
  19. SWISSARMYKNIFE. This is not an apps to kill. It is an apps that will give you 9 in 1 apps like scientific calculator, smart compass, etc. d
  20. QUICKPIC. It is an apps that is more convenient to browse your image or video than your old image browser.
  21. FONTS. Any kind of apps that will change your system fonts into customized fonts.
  22. SPEED TEST. This is a trusted apps that will test your networking speed. Used by trusted handheld news company. e
  23. PARK ME RIGHT. An apps that will detect your vehicle with GPS or other systems.
  24. BLUETOOTH FILE TRANSFER. It will help you to transfer via Bluetooth for your folders or files.
  25. BATTERY CALIBRATION. Sometime you don’t understand why your battery decrease faster than you have had in mind. Welcome to the Android World.

This is the 15 optional apps

  1. FACEBOOK. Well, some of us can’t live with it. Updating status is more important than to save your drowning friend at beach.
  2. ANGRY BIRDS. People need to play to exercise their brain.
  3. MUSLIM PRO/BIBLE. Any apps that will make you more religious. For muslim, we have HADITS BUKHARI and IQURAN LITE. MUSLIM PRO have quran but their Arabic text is the worst thing in the world.
  4. LINE. An online apps that will connect you and your contacts at phone book with chatting, call via VOIP, and even video call. This is actually a normal instant messenger because Yahoo Messenger was invent it in computer/PC to computer/PC, before Google implement it into handheld. This LINE apps has something new to offer, like sticker-emoji-emoticon and game, etc. F
  5. ANGER OF STICK 2. Have you seen a stick figure that could do any silat/kungfu/taekwondo/jiujitsu action? this is the game.
  6. GO SMS PRO. You could change your SMS system with this. There is a pop up notification for new incoming message.
  7. ADOBE READER. You could read any PDF.
  8. SWIPED FRUITS. Game that connect fruits.
  9. GO LOCKER. Lock your handheld when you don’t use it, or at least when you don’t seem use it within seconds.
  10. WORD SEARCH. Train your brain with this game, find words.
  11. FREE GALAXY S3 THEME for GO LAUNCHER EX. A wallpaper for android user that love Samsung Galaxy but have other handheld.
  12. SMART MEASURE. It will help you to know height or distance of you and item using your camera. Using a simple calculation, I like it because it is basic of math but the developer introduce it in smartest way. g
  13. GO MEDIA MANAGER. Help you to manage image, video, sounds.
  14. 21 CINEPLEX. You know this.
  15. SHOOT BUBLE DELUXE. Game to shoot your bubble and break the puzzle.

For INDONESIA Androidman. These are my recommendation.

  3. JIDICT(Japan-Indonesia Dictionary)
  5. INDOSAT SUPERWIFI(for indosat user)
  7. PULSA
  14. KAMUS NUSANTARA (Tribe-Nation Dictionary)
  • Get Stock Android Experience on any Phone With or Without Rooting ( loncadrunbutton
  • App Launcher+ organizes your Android apps into Google Play categories ( loncadrunbutton
  • Android:GO Launcher EX v3.7 Download ( loncadrunbutton
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  • 8 Best Android Lock Screen Apps ( loncadrunbutton
  • Mozilla’s First Web-Based Smartphones To Launch July 2 For $3 A Month ( loncadrunbutton

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