Connections in One Piece


Here comes connections between old chapter and near current chapter, in One Piece.

Elbaf Pirates

Maybe Elbaf pirate have visited Fishman Island before and build Noah ship. That would explain Broggy and Dorry fighting issue(see Chapter 116 page 17 or Before you said “ah that’s because they want to determine who got the bigger beast”, you need to know that scene is happen when they arrive at Little Garden. Elbaf Pirates was known as great pirates, and the chances of they visit Fishman Island is big. And since volcano near fishman island is also near sea king, that could be why Broggy and Dorry START the fight at Little Garden (in the past) was because they heard the volcano (when they near Fishman Island). If you don’t get it, forget it.



, and why Noah exist (see Chapter 648 page 06 or



English: Noah. Mosaic in Basilica di San Marco...
English: Noah. Mosaic in Basilica di San Marco, Venice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The ark of Noah and the cosmic covena...
English: The ark of Noah and the cosmic covenant / L’arche de Noé et l’alliance cosmique / 04 CATACOMBES NOE ET LA COLOMBE SAINTS PIERRE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Noah History in Noah Mausoleum in the...
English: Noah History in Noah Mausoleum in the city of Cizre, Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you can see there is a sea volcano near Fishman Island. (see chapter 606 page 07)



Ganzack Pirates

Ganzack Pirates seems have Gyro as their pirates. See sketch of Ganzack Jolly Roger at here . This image seems published in volume tankobon and after chapter 37



Jolly Roger Flag
Jolly Roger Flag (Photo credit: Maxwell Hamilton)

While you can see crab-hand gyro Jolly Roger in chapter 611 page 3 or



Buggy have someone/thing that talks looks like Buggy. See chapter 701 page 14 and chapter 18 page 3

Bull Pendant of Ace

Ace got Bull Pendant in chapter 589 page 13 and it was seen at Punk Hazard warning entrance, chapter 655 page 13. Some say that would be a random bull pendant, while other say that punk hazard warning entrance is just a symbol of warning in vearth to change the original jolly roger in our earth that is commonly used in vearth.



Pendants (Photo credit: Beesnest McClain)

Again, this is just connections that I propose to you, you may believe it or not. And I act like I don’t know, not some already-know-and-judge people 🙂

  • Noah ( loncadrunbutton
  • To be like Noah… ( loncadrunbutton

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