Are They Vampires?

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e Her name is Masako Mizutani.

The first time you might think that he was around 30 years. But after knowing that Masako-san was born in that year, you may be very surprised. Especially the western average does look older than their age.


Mother of 2 children, and is now living in Nagoya this indeed has been the hottest issue on the internet.


One daughter of Masako even now 20 years old! Thanks to the face and skin that looks very young, she can appear in magazines, commercials or even playing a drama.


Oh yes, Masako-san said that she spent about 5 hours every day just to care for the face and skin in various ways and products.


Masako was born in 1968, meaning 45 years. For the small proportion of women in the world, this age is the age of a grandmother.

Hyde Through The Ages. Another Living Vampire.

If you like to hear Japanese Music, then most of you should know the most famous band in Japan, L’Arc~en~Ciel.

Logo de L'Arc~en~Ciel Logo of Japanese Rock Ba...
Logo de L’Arc~en~Ciel Logo of Japanese Rock Band en:L’Arc en Ciel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They even goes international nowadays. One of the player that most got attention usually is vocalist, and yes it is applied to L’Arc~en~Ciel too. Vocalist of this band is Hyde.

In the early 90s, Hyde often dressed like a female. There were 2 his(not her) female styles with long hair in album period of DuneTierra and Heavenly

Heavenly (L'Arc-en-Ciel album)
Heavenly (L’Arc-en-Ciel album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

. He had long wavy hair with with renaissance kind of dress in Dune and Tierra and then started having long straight  hair in late period of Tierra and early period of Heavenly.

However, during Heavenly concert, he cut his hair short and look like teenage girl.

This  short hair continued till True, but it became a bit man-like tho not 100% man-like.

He then changed his style again, he cut his hair very short in the back and a bit long in front. This style was used during Heart album period. The funny thing is, he met his future wife while he was looking like that.

In Ray and Ark era, Hyde had totally turned into male style…much much better looking than his female look and childish look.

Sometimes he went blonde.

And then come Real and Smile. Continued to Awake and Kiss, he basically stayed in his shoulder-length hair style and look so handsome and beautiful. He changed his hair cut but still in a manly manner.

He sometimes did an extended hair style with clothes that seems impossible to be wore by normal people ;)

I’m going to close this post (before this post turned into something like my tumblr) with his latest style from 20th L’Anniversary.

And related to the topic, for your information. Hyde is already over 40 years old.

Here is the recipe for Ageless issued by Masako

  1. Eat 4 times a day with small portions

  2. Multiply that use drinking water to get rid of toxins in the body,

  3. Consumption of healthy and fresh foods, such as fruits and fresh vegetables,

  4. Use facial creams that contain vitamin E,

  5. Do not forget to also have a considerable portion of sleep,

  6. and most importantly do not smoke.

Both Man (Hyde) and Woman (Masako) are looks very young, are they vampires? loncadrunbutton

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