Top 3 Nostalgic Things in 90s for Indonesian

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Bahasa Indonesia: Paskibraka sedang berbaris d...
PASKIBRAKA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are nostalgic things that feels so pathetic and annoying, in Indonesia.

These are the Top 3

1. Dunia Dalam Berita

(News on Night)


In 90s, channel of television can be counted on the fingers. At that time there is a freakin annoying news that must relayed in all indonesian channel, which is Dunia Dalam Berita. When it showed up, other current broadcasted progra  ms are stopped, or even worse, SKIPPED as much as the news goes on. The freaking news is from National Channel of Indonesian, TVRI.

English: This is Logo of TVRI Indonesia (1962-...
This is Logo of TVRI Indonesia (1962-1974) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It doesn’t show some active news anchor talk active and jokes around with audience or anybody. It was still an old fashion news program, with damn desk and blowed-by-the-wind type of hair. This show also like a sign for children to go to bed.

English: This is Logo of TVRI Indonesia (1974-...
This is Logo of TVRI Indonesia (1974-1982)  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Parents won’t care whether you fully watch it the previous show or not. Since they think “IT IS A DAMN 21:00 PM, YOU GO TO BED NOW”. And even worse, after the news, sometime they broadcasting another national announcement that taking a lot of time.

2. Serial Program


Somehow in this 90s era, there is a lot of serial tv show that is stopped for being broadcast. And mostly that tv show is the most famous serial for indonesian. Department of Information usually confirm that it was needed to stop the over exposed violence(etc) in that serial. And this kind of attitude totally bring bad memory for everybody.

3. Flag(Independence) Ceremonial


This era is the era of military and commandment. Flag ceremonial is one of thing that every school to held. They teach you to respect hero of the nation for declaring independence. And it is annoying for student to bring hat, shoes, and freaking low quality tie.

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