Unique Recycle Bins

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Trashcan in the shape of a dolphin, by the bay...
Trashcan in the shape of a dolphin, by the bay in Montauk, NY. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Touchless Automatic Trash Can

A recycle bin with infrared censor. It will open automatically when you in the range (6 inch). After 3 seconds it will close automatic.

2. Barcode Trashcan

It will read recycle sign of your bottle.

3. Expanding Office Bin

It will expanding its own size when you put garbage in it.

4. Ovetto Bin

An architect from Italy, Gianluca Soldi, design this Ovetto Bin, ($ 255) to make recycle easier and well organized.

5. Armstrong Bin

Designed to press garbage everyday. The name Armstrong Bin is inspired from Armstrong the first human that land on the moon (as believed)

6. Minus Trash Can

Designer from Turki, Cem Tutuncuoglu had a brilliant idea to get rid of rats from bad smell of garbage. It will make garbage kept under zero degree so it won’t stink.

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