Months. I haven’t met you.
And everytime I want to meet you, you always raise the level into hard. I miss you, so deep. I feel so sad, one day when you read this texts. Please ask me what is it.

On first day of 4 days long holiday. I felt sad this morning. I kinda miss you. You that mad at me for thinking of how I think about you. You guessing I think you as a money oriented girl. That only say yes for full of money boy. No you’re wrong. Yes I can’t teach you driving car. Yes I’ve said that it seems you won’t meet me if I don’t bring the car. But that’s not what I meant. I just can’t teach you now but I was really want to meet you.

That’s how it goes. How I.. Miss you. You know how I felt. But you love to make it harder for me to reach you.

I want to have a small family with you. I don’t really care anymore if it will be with you or not. I just want to have a mother for my kids.



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