Extra Pattern of One Piece

Do you want me to reveal the nakama pattern?

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(β) It will be 13 Pirates (L-Z-N-U-S-C-R-F-B-K-X-J-Y)
4 from East Blue, 4 from Paradise, 4 must be in New World
(β) Next nakama must be woman, and the last one will be a man.
On Board : Zoro-NAMI-Usopp-Sanji, Chopper-ROBIN-Franky-Brook
(β) Next nakama must be : Kinemon-X The WOMAN-Jinbe-Y
Since the 10th must be a woman then the candidates are
Candidates:Vivi/Perona/Baby 5/Monet/Miss Goldenweek/Inazuma
(β) Pirates in normal world have captain, First Mate
Navigator, Sniper, Chef, Doctor, Arhaeologist, Shipwright, Musician
That left to fill the pirate themes are: Gunner, Missionarist, Trader, Scout, Helmsman
(β) Since the total pirates are 13, Oda would link it with the myth of 13 is a bad luck
Then somehow Luffy will die and Zoro leave, Nami back to village, Usopp be new captain
Chopper be a doctor, Robin follow, Franky back to Water 7, Brook stay with Laboon
Jinbe guard Fishman Island
(β) Why Jinbe not join in Fishman Island, because it’s middle of paradise and New World
that’s why Jinbe surely join in New World as the 12th. Because the 10th is surely Kinemon
and the 11th must be a woman.
I bet it will be Vivi with new look, power, and weapon. Because Vivi shall going
to Reverie that would be located in New World. Somehow after governmental issue of Vivi ends, she surely join
(β) Total pirates are 13, and Non DF user shall be more than the DF user
So that when DF user sank, it won’t troubling the Non DF user
East Blue has 0 DF user, Paradise has 3 DF user
Then New world will have 3 Non DF user, balancing with Paradise member
(β) Straw Hat Pirates have the same unique pattern of members
It starts from Martial Squad(S-C-J)
SHP will have Trio Squad. Starting from Sword Squad, Witch Squad, Martial Squad, then Shoot Squad
Prove : Martial>>Sanji-Chopper-Jinbe, Sword>>Zoro-Brook-Kinemon
(β) The 10th is a woman, then she shall complete the witch fighting type like Nami and Robin
Prove: Nami-Weather Witch, Robin-Clone Witch
(β) Kinemon is the 9th nakama, and he would close DF user.
Related to SBS material that Oda don’t comment too much about Kuma will be the last person
Prove: Kinemon and Kuma have the K and N words. Nikyu=Ni+Kyu=Ne+Ki=Ki+Ne=Kine
(β) Kinemon must be a trader, because he can change people’s cloth
(β) As previously seen, 10th member, the female will make a problem
She will meet Luffy(or she already did?), and will aboard the ship(were?), then she’ll join
Prove: Nami (7-94-21), Robin (114-398-237). Explanation (Meet Luffy-Join-Aboard)
(β) Perona won’t join because Luffy and Perona don’t meet with special entrance
(β) Oda is trying to resurrect Ryuuma characters in Kinemon
Prove: One Shot Wanted
(β) SHP kept dragged on its female nakama
It means the last woman will make SHP have to fight for her
(β) The last, 12th Nakama
One Shot Wanted/Child Hawkins type
(β) Kinemon (Is it Ryuuma?Legendary Samurai who was
 long agon once cut a dragon, Vol 48 Chap 462), Samurai of The Country of Wano
 Or Maybe Ryuuma is Kinemon’s Kid?
(β) The way Zoro interested to Kinemon’ Samurai is just the same as when he save Brook
(β) Impossibility of Perona is she live in the same place like Zoro.
(β) Carribou in Chapter 689 is in the same place with X Drake at Winter Island
 in Chapter 595 of Kaidou’s Favourite Island
(β) What Bonney ran away from government from?Chapter 595, talk with Akainu
(β) The Possibility for Vivi is she will attend Reverie and meet SHP there somehow
(β) Doflamingo’s Puppet power – Seen on Chapter 234
(β) Karakuri Island of Franky’s dumped whereabout, Baldimore, Chapter 596 Page 12 is the same with
Lieutenanth Junior Grade Spacey in Chapter Cover Story
of Enel’s Great Space Mission in Chapter 448
It was stated Karakuri Island is in Grand Line, where Vegapunk was born
and Grade Spacey is actually a mini cyborg, Chapter Cover 448
It was stated too by Franky, Labor Oriented Cyborg animals were created by Vegapunk
In Cover 452, the guy whom repair Grade Spacey died
I thought it was Vegapunk. We know Vegapunk not died yet
Chapter 462, it was stated that Grade Spacey and friend were trying to revenge
for Professor’s enemies. Then it was seen on 468 that Grade Spacey actually
have relation with the moon’s ancient city, Bilka. Chapter 472
In Chapter 470 and 472, seen that the machine was look like a ship
At first I thought maybe it was Noah, but then again both of it has different shape
In 470 is a Space Ship, to carry back the sky people. You can see the sun is below
In 472 is a Sea Ship. You can see the crocodile and crab while sun is above
We also see that person who fix the Grade Spacey species is who has wings
The wings people are Cyandia and Citizens of The Sky
(β) In Chapter 301 Page 11, Robin said”The ‘Ancient Power’ with the power
so strong that it was named after the God ‘Poseidon’ ”
It means  Shirahoshi already predicted just like Pluton Alabasta
Pluton was said is a battleship, maybe it is one of the machine in 470 or 472
Conclusion: Vegapunk, Sky People, Ancient Weapons are related
(β) Chapter 301, Robin says “Can it be the True historical text is actually..”
and it just stop. She also said that tablet of clues are guiding into tablet of truth
And True Historical text said is the combination of tablet of truths.
She said tablet of clues guiding them to go to Raftel, Last Island of Grand Line
It was also said by all pirates, issued that One Piece is located in Raftel.
Conclusion: One Piece is Combination of Tablet of Truths, Void History
Proof: In Chapter 393, Dr. Clover said “I want to protect treasures of mankind”.
Clover’s activity is studying Poneglyph. It means One Piece is Void History
(β) In Chapter 392, Saul said “I wonder if that person alright too”
and he also said “Someone is after me”
We know in Chapter 433, Kuzan Aokiji said “The giant who fought..”
“..for Ohara 20 years ago, Hagwarl D. Saul, we were a very good friend”
In Chapter 393, Saul surprised that Robin’s mother is Nico Olvia. Suddenly
Saul guess that the island where he drifted now is Ohara.
Conclusion: Saul knows that Robin supposed to be in Ohara.
Since Saul only knows Olvia, it also means Olvia tell a story about her kid
but not mentioning name of Robin.
In Chapter 394 was said”Nico Olvia, The one who compunded her crimes..”
“…by breaking out the prison”. It means Saul and Olvia break out the prison
together. Since Kuzan said a good friend, maybe they were escaped by him
Olvia must said she shall going to Ohara while Saul just drifted by shipwreck
(β) In Chapter 7 Cover, did you know that Luffy is drawing a Panda
with Jolly Roger?
(β) In Chapter 8 cover, is the bird the sketch of Southbird?
(β) In Chapter 8 cover, the cross of bull’s horn with Zoro’s sword
is it the sketch of inspiration of Zoro’s attack?
(β) Chapter 11, Luffy and Sanji
Chapter 21, Luffy and Zoro
Chapter 22, Luffy and Sanji. Clue: Manner
Chapter 23, with Franky. Clue: Barrel
Chapter 25, with Jinbe the Fishman. Clue: Fish
Chapter 122, Nami pointing at YOU!
121, Zoro and Brook
122, Nami and Robin
123, Usopp and Franky
124, Sanji and Chopper
125, Vivi
(β) Vivi love sightseeing, that’s why her job will be in a top of Sunny as Land-ho Scout
what about Usopp?yes, his goggle is great. But his job as canon shooter or sniper
Chapter 213 Page 17, Vivi said “There is still so much to see”
what about Alabasta?Pell could handle it, or Igaram.
Chapter 214 Page 14, Vivi said “Especially in this troubled time, country..”
“..needs support”. So after troubled time over, vivi surely join.
Proof: (same as Jinbe’s case. After Reverie, they’ll both join)
“…Even though I still want to go with you. But right now I love this country”
“But if there is one day we meet each other again. Will you take me as a friend?”
(β) In Cover Chapter 639, Alabasta kingdom officer will come to Reverie
while Cobra is sick, Pell will handle the Kingdom. And Vivi join.
(β) In Cover Chapter 490, Oimo and Kaashii heading for Elbaf
It means SHP will met them in Elbaf for some adventures
While in Page 3, there is big shadow. Maybe it’s their ship, Blackbeard’s ship
or Big Mam’s ship
(β) In Cover 693, you can see 1 hidden picture in the left and in the right corner
Right corner is very look a like with Big Mam, so Kaidou is the left one
Kaidou have long hair with mustache, while Big Mam monkey looks
Prove: we’ve got Blackbeard and Shanks in the same cover
(β) In Chapter 595, It is a burning island. It means it’s one of Akainu’s place
And Akainu is chasing Blackbeard to that island
It seems Blackbeard negotiate with Marines HQ to exchange Bonney
they captured with marine vessel

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  1. zzz i don think that will be the case it will take an entire arc to recruit a person as a shipmate so i don think oda wants to plan so much crew members it will be confusing if he did so


    1. I’ve been suspecting this since the first time I read One Piece when Luffy said things like that in Chapter 001. But I keep getting doubt about the exact number, when they enter Paradise World, and even New World. But when Oda giving a hint about Nikyu Nikyu no Mi on SBS. I think I’m pretty sure about this. Though I still hope Oda surprise me.


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